Jack Threads

Posted: 14th October 2012 by Sack in Miscellaneous


Everybody’s seen this but I dont care…

Posted: 31st December 2011 by Marz in Music, Television

My favorite is when Andy Samberg comes out of the cinema talking about films…actually I think this is my favorite SNL digital short aka Lonely Island song.

Lonely Island Boys

Posted: 26th December 2011 by Marz in Music

I’ve been listening to the new Lonely Island Boys comedy rap album and its pretty good. Here’s one from an SNL digital short that I really like.

Merry Christmas

Posted: 25th December 2011 by Sack in Miscellaneous

Merry Christmas from Wasted Potential and Jaromir Jagr…

Happy Festivus!

Posted: 23rd December 2011 by Sack in Miscellaneous

Just when I went to write a post about Festivus, I noticed our friends at thesportsjags.com already posted about this wonderful holiday.  So I’m just going to straight steal their post and reword it for my liking…  Ahh the internet, where plagiarism never gets you in trouble.

Do you feel abandoned by your loved ones this holiday season? Well, stop your crying; it’s a Festivus for the rest of us. And Wasted Potential celebrates Festivus just as hard as we celebrate Half Christmas.

So don’t expect much from us today.  We’ll be airing our grievances and challenging all of our family members to take us on in the feats of strength.

So get the pole out of the crawl space but keep the tinsel in the box, we find it distracting.  Happy Festivus from Wasted Potential.

Note: If you’d like to make a donation to the Human Fund, please email you name, social security number and credit card information to wastedpotentialblog@yahoo.com. 

If you don’t know what festivus is, then you shouldn’t be reading this blog…and you can watch the story of Festivus above.

How to Fail In America…

Posted: 21st December 2011 by Sack in Television

Say it ain’t so HBO, say it ain’t so.  HBO announced that it will be cancelling 3 shows, re-upping 1 show, and adding 6 new projects.

HBO smartly canceled “Hung”.  It will not be back for another season.  The show had a good premise, but poor execution.  Should just be tits and sex, it’s about prostitution, not some ridiculously ugly woman.  The show sucked, good move.

HBO has decided to re-up “Enlightened”, some show no one watches about a woman who has nervous breakdowns.  I, much like everyone else, will not even give this show a chance.   Terrible decision.

HBO has also decided to cancel “Bored to Death”.  I get it, the show had great characters and  pretty decent story lines, but it just wasn’t that funny.  I guess well never know if his new girlfriend was actually his sister.  I kind of saw this decision coming, but it’s always a shame to have less of Jason Schwartzman.

Now for the worst news, frankly, I am shocked.  HBO has canceled a WP Favorite, “How to Make It In America”, coming off of a very promising season 2 finale .  I really didn’t see this one coming.  I’m angry, sad and really don’t get it.  The show had a great mix of the streets and ritz, and you always got lost in the show, never feeling like it was on a set but right there walking the streets of New York with them.  Great music was mixed in to every episode and the sow had strong characters and actors, all developing even more in the second season. They re-uped Enlightened even though it failed to draw 200,000 viewers…that’s completely pathetic.  Based on facebook status’s alone, I’m pretty sure HTMIIA drew more viewers than that.  I’m pissed, maybe it can be picked up by showtime or something.

You can look forward to the 2012 returns of “Board Walk Empire”… or “Game of Thrones”(fucking nerds).  HBO will also introduce “Luck,” “Veep,” “Girls,” “Life’s Too Short,” “Angry Boys”(see our post below) and an untitled Aaron Sorkin project.